1.  What is an “Internet Local Listing”

When you search for for local businesses in Google or Yahoo, you may enter a phrase like “Computer Networking in Edison, NJ” .  The local business results that are displayed pertain to the “Local Listing” of the business.  Below is an example in Google.  After searching for computer networks in Edison NJ, my local listing for C&C Computer Network Services, Inc. came up under the local business results.  This is a great way to drive local business to your company. 

2.  What value does C&C Computer Networking Services, Inc. (C&C), bring?

C&C’s Local Listing Service, is a simple, affordable and effective way to reach both old and new customers. Our local listing service makes Internet advertising very simple, affordable and effective. You simply provide us with information about your business (it takes most people about 10 minutes) and we do the rest.  We use this information to create optimized online local business directory listings in Google and Yahoo Local.  C&C offers outstanding service and reasonable prices, a one time $99 set up fee and a $10.00 per month maintenance fee ($100 per year if paid in advance).  The monthly maintenance fee includes updates/changes you may request for the listing and also monthly monitoring of the listing.

3.  My customers are local, why do I need to advertise online?

Recent studies have shown that 70% of U.S. households use the internet when making local buying decisions. Yellow Page advertising, newspaper advertising, and direct mail are all becoming less effective because their use is dropping. The number of online local for local products and services is expected to grow at a rate of 30% each year for the rest of the decade while the searches in traditional Yellow Pages drops by 4% per year over this same period.

4.  Why Google and Yahoo Local?

Recent statistics show that Google gets about 68% of all searches and Yahoo about 20%.  All of the other search engines combined only account for about 12%.

5.  My business is already listed in some/all of the local search.  Why should I use C&C Computer Network Services, Inc?

C&C’s Local Listing Service makes sure that the data available to the local search engines is accurate and optimized. We work hard to make sure that your site is not only listed but is getting found.  Most likely, the listing that exists now is a basic listing (business name and phone number). C&C Computer Network Services, Inc., will optimize that listing. That is what we do. We specialize in local search listings! Additional information about your business can be added, including the products and services you offer, hours, payment types, pictures, etc.

6.  Is This Guaranteed

We will get your business listed in Google and Yahoo local listings.  If it does not, we will not invoice your company and you do not have to pay us.   We can not guarantee the page your listing will be on.  Companies such as Google and Yahoo use complex algorithms to figure out where your local listing should display.  They do not make this algorithm public information and it could change without notice.  If a company says they can guarantee you being on the first page, it is untrue. 

7.  Can You Cancel

Yes you can.  If we can not get your business listed in Google or Yahoo local listings, we do not charge you.  Once listed, however, the setup fee is non-refundable.  However, you can cancel the monthly or yearly maintenance program with 30 days written notice.